WikiVoice Rebuilds Home in Shambles for Local Community Changemaker




July 9th, 2024 (Miami, FL): With a mission to provide safe housing access in South Florida, WikiVoice, a local Miami-Dade organization, is currently working to rebuild a severely damaged home, riddled with mold, water damage, portions of missing roof, and general unsafe living conditions.


The Knox Project, is centered around Edward Knox, a humanitarian who has dedicated 26 years of his life to philanthropy, along with his wife. In an effort to save himself, his home, and his family, Mr. Knox applied for a governmental renovation grant but was met with disappointment as program funds had run out. 


Mr. Knox served as a teacher and tutor for over 20 years, showering those around him with kindness and gratitude. A leader in his community, Mr. Knox delivers flowers and plants annually to mothers in the community who have lost their sons to gun violence, assists yearly with his local Easter Egg Hunt and book bag distribution events in his community, and helped start “Concerned and Committed Brothers of the Community”.


Touched by Mr. Knox’s tragedy, WikiVoice has pledged to honor his decades of generosity by undertaking the task of rebuilding his home. 


“By partnering with local community leaders and committed citizens, coming together to rebuild Mr. Knox’s home, WikiVoice aims to foster a new generation of compassionate citizens who will carry the torch of benevolence forward, while returning the Knox Family to dignified living conditions.” Joe Puentes, WikiVoice Founder & Lynk Pros President


Local supporting businesses and organizations include Lynk Pros, CJ Development Group, Get Redd Foundation, The Latin Builders Association (LBA), ABC Supply Co. Inc., Restore All, Neighbors 4 Neighbors, HIASFL, Las Vegas Cuisine, Miss Debbie’s Sweet Delights. . 


Recently, WikiVoice held a meet and greet fundraiser at Las Vegas Cuisine in Downtown Doral, co-hosted by the LBA, with over 200 people in attendance, raising over $30,000 in cash, donated materials and pledged pro-bono services. If you or your organization would like to get involved, contact Joe Puentes at


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