Kindness Challenge Band

Prior to having this website, WikiVoice used the above cards to share kindness with others in 2021. Those who posted their video testimony would earn a WikiVoice Challenge Band. 

Help us come up with new ways to share the kindness challenge bands with others in 2022. Here are a few ideas to get the ideas flowing:

  • Create a new card that drives people to the new site and our social media sites.
  • Identify people on the web who deserve to have a band. Get their info and send them a band and ask them to post a video of them with the band. This will create awareness for WikiVoice.
  • Develop a fundraising program where companies donate a sum and we provide them, bands and teach the staff kindness principles to earn the bands. We then ask them to share their experience. We can post these company’s logos and their story of support on our site and social media.

Please post your comments and help add to this idea.

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