IDEAS: Wikivoice believes in empowering individuals and organizations who have a heart for certain missions and are dedicated to making a  difference. If you have an idea that you’d like to bring to life, post your ideas so that our community of like-minded people can vote on bringing your ideas to life. The Wikivoice community will provide suggestions, support, assistance and above all, encouragement to help you bring your idea to fruition. You can also share and invite your friends to help collaborate!

PROJECTS: Wikivoice projects are all heart-centered, empowering and well thought out to amplify humanitarian efforts and meet the needs of our world-wide community. All projects started out as an idea from a desire that someone had to make a positive impact. Once the idea is submitted via our portal, our supportive community starts working to see how they can support a worthy cause to become a Wikivoice project.
You’ll notice that all projects describe a need to be filled or an issue to be solved.