About Us

WikiVoice believes that education is the key to fostering love for your fellow human beings. We believe “Love makes the world go around” and “Kindness is an act of love” and by educating individuals to witness love through education and acts of kindness, we believe it will open their hearts to what is possible, will make way for a positive impact and help unite people. WikiVoice is not a religion nor does it belong to a political group. WikiVoice is merely a conduit for people to collaborate with other likeminded individuals looking to spread peace and love through value-based education and acts of kindness.


To provide safe housing access, and education to empower the next generation of community leaders and humanitarians in South Florida.  



To build healthy and resilient communities through service and outreach, under the pillars of housing and youth education. 

The Team

Luidmila Esquerdo

Liudmila Esquerdo


Liudmila Esquerdo is the Founder and CEO of Get Redd Consulting and a seasoned expert in SBA lending and commercial real estate. Since starting her career in 1999, she has significantly influenced small business financing, particularly through her role as Senior Vice President and SBA Director at US Century Bank.

Throughout her career, Ms. Esquerdo has developed and managed numerous Small Business Lending Departments, overseeing all aspects of SBA loans. With over two decades of experience, she has solidified her reputation as an authority in SBA lending and commercial real estate financing.

Liudmila holds a Bachelor’s degree in Finance and Economics from Barry University. Her passion for community service led her to establish The Get Redd Foundation Corp., raising awareness and funds for rare blood disorders. She also serves as chair of Wikivoice and is on the social committee for Hard Hats and High Heels with Habitat for Humanity, aiming to empower nonprofit voices and drive positive change in the community.

Berta Medina

Berta Medina

Director & Co-founder

With a unique blend of expertise and unwavering commitment, Berta empowers fellow coaches, speakers, and entrepreneurs to thrive in their businesses. Drawing upon years of experience and a deep understanding of the industry, Berta provides strategic guidance, personalized mentorship, and actionable insights to help clients achieve their professional goals. 

Her ability to identify untapped opportunities and develop effective strategies allows clients to overcome challenges, build thriving enterprises, and make a lasting impact in their chosen fields. Beyond the realms of business, Berta recognizes the importance of aligning passion with purpose. 

She firmly believes that true fulfillment stems from leveraging success to make a positive difference in the world. In this regard, Berta champions philanthropy as an integral part of her coaching approach, encouraging clients to focus on their passions and create meaningful change through giving back. By helping individuals connect with causes close to their hearts, she fosters a sense of purpose that extends beyond the bottom line, resulting in a greater sense of fulfillment and a legacy that resonates.  

Joe Puentes

Joe Puentes

Director & Co-founder

Joe is a seasoned entrepreneur and tech innovator with over 30 years of experience spanning automotive, technology, finance, and real estate sectors. His foresight in identifying emerging trends has been key to his success. Notably, he played a pivotal role in establishing and managing an accredited environmental testing lab, showcasing his commitment to sustainability. Joe’s expertise also extends to home improvement.

He holds licenses and certifications in property restoration, reflecting his dedication to maintaining and enhancing built structures. Beyond entrepreneurship, Joe co-founded WikiVoice.com, a nonprofit organization dedicated to humanitarian projects. Through WikiVoice.com, he actively contributes to positive changes in local and international communities, reflecting his values and commitment to making a meaningful impact.


Terri Monem


Terri is passionate about education and community involvement. With an MS in Educational Technology & Instructional Design and a BA in Sociology & Anthropology, along with certifications in Educational Research and Marketing, Terri brings a wealth of expertise to the table. With 18 years of teaching experience in Florida, spanning grades K through 12th, she is endorsed in Gifted Education K-12, ESOL K-12, and Reading K-12 Education. 

Terri’s commitment to education goes beyond the classroom; she has developed curriculum for elementary STEAM, International Baccalaureate programs, high school leadership courses and parent education workshops. In addition to teaching, Terri has designed and taught professional development courses for teachers, served in mentor and leadership roles, and actively engaged in child development and community programs throughout her career. 

Prior to her career in education, Terri held positions in product development and management in the business and music entertainment sectors. Terri is not only an educator but also a dedicated mother to her daughter, Amaya, who attends the University of South Florida. Born in Miami Beach and raised in Coral Gables, Terri’s roots run deep in Miami, where her heart and commitment to education and community continue to thrive.


Selsy Soto

Board Member

With a strong affection for helping others, Selsy De Izaguirre inspires individuals and teams to build a strong foundation and feat their ambitions. Having faced situations where confidence and strategic planning were essential, she instantly knew coaching was her passion. When she was a young girl she always felt excitement to assist in any way possible and as a member of the community, Selsy knows the importance of giving back. Whether needed to help young girls grow their confidence and potential or guide a corporate team back to their true mission, Selsy De Izaguirre is here to help. 

Robert McKay

Robert McKay


As a dedicated community member, I find joy in giving back to those around me. One of my passions is coaching football, where I not only teach the sport but also serve as a mentor to young kids. Through coaching, I am able to instill valuable life lessons and inspire growth in the youth of our community. My commitment to mentoring extends beyond the football field, as I actively engage in guiding and supporting children to help them reach their full potential. My genuine love for mentoring kids drives me to make a positive impact and create a nurturing environment for their development.

In my role as a football coach and mentor, I prioritize fostering a sense of teamwork, discipline, and resilience in the young individuals I work with. I believe that sports provide a platform for character building and personal growth, and I am dedicated to empowering kids to overcome challenges and achieve their goals. Through my coaching and mentoring efforts, I aim to create a supportive and inspiring environment where children can learn, grow, and thrive. My commitment to guiding and mentoring kids reflects my belief in the power of mentorship to shape future leaders and make a lasting difference in the community.

Oliver Ferrier

Oliver Ferrier

Board Member

Oliver Ferrier provides a wealth of operational and strategic sales experience to our executive team. His extensive entrepreneurial track record includes numerous successes in strategy, sales, finance, marketing, and scaling companies for growth. Oliver’s experience includes a lengthy stretch on Wall Street during the tech/IPO boom as a stock broker and corporate equity trader. After relocating to Florida in 2004 he founded and successfully grew a startup technology company from the ground up, achieving remarkable success in the digital out-of-home interactive industry, amassing an impressive array of Fortune 500 clients worldwide. Oliver’s strategic skill set greatly enhances Lynk Pros’ operations, processes, and scaling strategies.